Monday, January 12, 2009

RoY zaRul that my name , call me Eusoof or EU . love my name very much ;) .
but most people call me EU =p . sometime im lazy hahaha but sometime im diligent .
im nineteen year old . like to see japanese movie , one of my fav. japan movie is Pride . love to take a picture .
love to surfing internet and play football . my fav. food is nasi goreng pataya & my fav. drink skyjuice ;p . like to hear music .
no music i cry hahaha . love my family & friends . very important i love my mom & dad ;) .
hate people smoking beside me . like make people happy . my fav. colour is blue , green , black & pink .
life is colourful . i thinks thats all about me . please dont ask me anymore .

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